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Let us introduce ourselves

Alikindoi is a local cooperative dedicated to sustainable mobility


Alikindoi cooperative was created with the aim of providing sustainable transportation solutions in Malaga, our main objective being to encourage and promote the everyday use of bicycles in the city.

In the beginning, more than ten years ago, we began by repairing and reforming previously loved second hand bikes, giving them a new lease of life. Later we began selling new bikes along with equipment, material and all things to do with cycling. Over time and with hard work we have evolved into urban transportation and cycle tourism specialists.

Now we are going one step further. With the formation of the cooperative and new additions to the team, we intend to share our ideas and experience with as many people as possible, giving them a first hand experience of the multiple benefits of choosing a bicycle as an urban mode of transport.

Reserve a Bike

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Traditional and electric bikes at an hourly or daily rate including a special weekend offer, all designed to adapt to your needs. 


Leasing service for long term rentals


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and grades

Our historic charm

We are currently working to make bikes easily accessible both to people who live in the city and to any visitors who pass through.

We believe that cycling can be a part of one´s lifestyle, and by helping people to discover the multiple benefits that incorporating a bike into daily life can bring, we are doing our best to contribute toward a better society, more pleasant surroundings and a healthier planet.

Our first meeting with all the Alikindoi team.

We met Marcos ten years ago, now he’s a cooperative partner too.

In the beginning there was only David and Alejandro

Our first mechanical Grade, back in 2014

We are located in a chic neighborhood plagued with lots of street art artworks

Las Buhoneras designed this custom bike for us

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