We work for green and fair mobility

At ALIKINDOI our vision is to promote socially and ecologically fairer mobility in our territory.

Social transformation thanks to associated work

We are an associated work cooperative that promotes the use of bicycles as a common element of ecosocial transformation

Cars generate inequality in urban space and promote the expansive growth of cities and pollution. The car not only conditions urban planning, but also our mobility and ways of life.

80% of urban space is occupied by cars, which remain parked 95% of the time. The transport sector represents 25% of total greenhouse gas emissions in Spain.

Car manufacturing is linked to a growing carbon footprint as they require more and more rare minerals and are more technologically complex. The electric car is not the right solution, neither socially nor ecologically speaking.

We want to promote the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups or groups at risk of social exclusion in the field of urban mobility.

Our history

Lines of work, projects and recognitions


Bike Rental

Rental at fair prices, non-profit.

Traditional and electric bikes, scooters, by the hour or by the day. We have the offer that best suits your needs.


We move by bicycle

Fun road education project for schools

Aimed at schools that want to offer a different day to their students and are committed to a better future.


Education and awareness

Everything you need to learn so that the bicycle transforms your life and little by little that of your city.

Awareness and mobility workshops for all, school routes, basic maintenance, cycle routes around the province.

Promote sustainable and environmentally friendly transport

The third prize was received by the initiative called created by the associated work cooperative ‘Alikindoi’, for promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly transport, promoting the circular economy and facilitating training for vulnerable groups along with its alignment with the SDG 13 (Climate Action).

Move green. Malaga University

With the motto ‘Move in green’, within the framework of the commitments to the environmental policy #UMA2030 of the Vice-Rectorate of Smart-Campus, the University of Malaga has made a free bicycle loan service available to the university community.



Circular economy and social economy go hand in hand.

We recycle/repair/reuse abandoned or disused bikes to help those who need it most while you move around the city.

Sustainable development

THE UN has 17 Sustainable Development Goals to improve the planet and people’s lives, now and in the future. Of these proposed objectives, we can list several in which our cooperative fits, by betting on a sustainable means of transportation, being involved in the development of different groups and thinking about maintaining and improving the world in which we live.