Local cooperative dedicated to sustainable mobility

Worker cooperative

Alikindoi cooperative was created with the aim of providing sustainable transportation solutions in Malaga, our main objective being to encourage and promote the everyday use of bicycles in the city.

In the beginning, more than ten years ago, we began by repairing and reforming previously loved second hand bikes, giving them a new lease of life. Later we began selling new bikes along with equipment, material and all things to do with cycling. Over time and with hard work we have evolved into urban transportation and cycle tourism specialists.

Now we are going one step further. With the formation of the cooperative and new additions to the team, we intend to share our ideas and experience with as many people as possible, giving them a first hand experience of the multiple benefits of choosing a bicycle as an urban mode of transport.

Linkes of work

Lines of work

Bike rental

Rent at fair prices, non-profit.

Traditional and electric bicycles, scooters, by the hour or by the day. We have the offer that best suits your needs.

For long term, we offer our leasing service.


Circular economy and social economy go hand in hand.

We recycle/repair/reuse abandoned or disused bikes to help those who need it most while you move around the city.


Everything you need to learn so that the bicycle transforms your life and little by little that of your city.

Awareness workshops, mobility for all, road safety education, school routes, basic maintenance, bike paths throughout the province.

Our history

We are currently working to make the bicycle available to everyone so that moving freely in the city is not a matter of money or social status, nor does it reflect differences of race or gender.
Discovering the multiple advantages that cycling has in a city like Malaga is the best way to help our society, the environment and the planet.

Given the current situation we are experiencing (climate crisis, global shortages…), the bicycle as a daily mobility vehicle is one of the best tools we have within our reach.

For this reason, we want Alikindoi to be your place of reference for urban cycling and the promotion of cycling in Malaga. If you want to use the bicycle as transport in Malaga, enjoy your leisure time with it or go cycling, you have to come and meet us. We also have second-life bicycles at fair prices and fully revised.

If you have an old bike and want to give it a second life, get in touch with ALIKINDOI.