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Málaga is a city in southern Spain that is well known for its sunny weather and lively atmosphere. In recent years, the city has also become known for its efforts to promote eco-friendly and sustainable transportation. One local cooperative, called Alikindoi, is leading the charge in this movement. The cooperative’s goal is to put bicycles at the center of mobility in Málaga. To do this, they are working to create a network of bike lanes and bike-friendly proposals throughout the city. They are also working to promote the use of bikes through outreach and education. So far, their efforts have been very successful. The number of people biking in Málaga has increased significantly in recent years, and the city is well on its way to becoming a more sustainable and bicycle-friendly place.


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It all started in Málaga, with a passion for bikes and a desire to promote sustainable movility. Back in 2010, La Clinica de la Bicicleta was founded as a traditional bike shop. But after 10 years of successful operation, the team realized that they wanted to do more than just sell bikes. They wanted to create a sustainable business that would have a positive impact on the community. And so, in 2020, La Clinica de la Bicicleta transformed into Alikindoi, a cooperative dedicated to promoting eco-friendly movility. Today, Alikindoi is a thriving business with a growing team of passionate cyclists. And they’re not just selling bikes – they’re changing the way people think about transportation. By offering sustainable alternatives to cars and public transport, Alikindoi is helping to create a greener, more sustainable future for Málaga. Thanks for being part of the journey!

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