Rental Conditions

Rental Conditions


Payment will be made in advance.

To reserve bicycles, at least 50% of total charge must be paid.

Signing the Bicycle Rental Contract with Clinica means that the client accepts the following conditions:


An official identity card or passport must be handed in when a bicycle is rented — there is no exception to this condition, but of course this document will be kept safely during the hours of rental, and duly returned when the bicycle is dropped off in perfect condition.


In the case of not having an official identity document, a deposit of €20 will be necessary for the normal bikes. 350€ for the e-bikes and 50€ for the electic scooters. This sum will be charged to your credit card, and will be cancelled as soon as the bicycle is returned in perfect condition.

In case of theft or loss of the bicycle, the client will be responsible for assuming our cost of the bicycle according to the purchase invoice to the supplier.

The client signing this contract will be held liable for any expenses caused by the loss, theft or damage to the material rented — signing this contract means you accept these conditions. In the case of loss or theft, the following sums must be paid: lock €30, key €16 helmet €30 lights €10. 200€ for the normal bikes and electric scooters, and the 30% of the value of the electric bike. The client is responsible for all the material requested during the rental period. This implies using the lock provided to anchor the bicycle, through the frame and one wheel, to a fixed point, while the client is not supervising it. Helmets are available to all clients— while their use is not obligatory, we strongly recommend them. Whoever signs this contract accepts total responsibility for his decision to wear a helmet or not, and the possible consequences in the case of accident, injury, or death. For children under 12, the use of a helmet is obligatory, while those under18 should be accompanied by an adult at all times. The client must assume that there is an inherent risk in any bicycle activity, and that Clinica de la Bicicleta has no responsibility whatsoever in the case of possible accidents, personal injury, injury to others, or to property, during the rental of their bicycles.


Clinica de la Bicicleta does not offer any assistance ouside the shop premises. If you have a puncture or mechanical problem, you may bring your bicycle to the shop for repairs or substitution for a similar model.


The client agrees to circulate in a responsible manner, respecting others using the roads, and preserving the natural environment. He will obey the «Reglamento General de Circulation», ( rules of the road) and the «Ordenanza sobre la Movilidad de la Bicicleta en la Cuidad de Málaga», (cycling bylaws in Malaga city.) Clients who circulate in an inapproprate manner with bicycles rented by Clinica de la Bicicleta will have their bicycles confiscated immediately, without any right to a refund. In pedestrian areas, such as the city center, or the seafront walk, pedestrians have right of way.


€10 will be the additional charge for each bicycle returned late, and the person in charge of the shop may decide if there are any extra charges in each case. Should a bicycle be returned befoe the rental time has expired, no refund will be made.


The rental contract does not include any insurance coverage, so clients are recommended to take out a personal insurance before renting, Whoever signs this contract declares that he is in good health, has good eyesight, and does not suffer from any disorder or medical irregularity that could hinder him from managing his bicycle correctly. Absolutely nothing will be rented to anyone under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other type of substance which can cause cognitive alterations. The client declares to have informed Clinica de la Bicicleta of any of the abovementioned circumstances. Any client who does not comply with these regulations is obliged to return all the material rented immediately, given that this contract has finshed, and the client is not entitled to any refund or compensation.


In accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 December 13, regarding Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that your data will be included in a file belonging to Clinica de la Bicicleta, with the purpose of managing our business with clients.

You may exercise your rights to access, rectify, cancel or oppose this by writing to Clinica de la Bicicleta Málaga, S.L.